Deezel Muscle personal training is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight, increase strength and energy, better their mental and physical health or compete up on stage. Our trainers will provide you with the exact route needed to hit your goals from diet all the way up to daily workout routines! We also provide training online!


Rob Farrow

Owner of Deezel Muscle & Master Trainer

Doug Lang

Competition Prep & Lifestyle Coach/Trainer

Natalie Kugler

Personal Trainer

Mark Smith

Personal Trainer

Ryan Nelson

Personal Trainer

Tristan Castillo

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Tony "Tank" Botelho

Personal Trainer

I can't say enough good things about Deezel Muscle Gym. It is truly a one-of-a-kind environment. Spotlessly clean, and everyone that trains there is kind and respectful. The owner, Rob is incredibly passionate about bodybuilding and sharing his knowledge with us through personal training. And he continues to make the place better by investing in new equipment for us, and renovating the space so that we can continue to grow. 24/7 access for all members and the opportunity to belong to a truly unique fitness 'family'. I'm so happy that I found this place.

-Katelyn Wilson

Where do I begin? Deezel Muscle is the best 24/7 private gym in the whole Valley by far. It's truly a special place, thanks to the owner, Rob, who sets the tone in creating a wonderful and positive environment for all. The other trainers and staff offer an abundance of knowledge and experience. You can't forget all of the amazing members (from all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels) that add to the fantastic vibe here. Everybody is friendly, yet there to train hard and seriously as well. It's a results-oriented gym. If you are somebody who is looking to be involved in a community with like-minded people that value the principles of hard work and commitment, this is your place! Every member can proudly say they are a part of Team Deezel, aka the Deezel Muscle family!

-Alyssa Beccue

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