Deezel Competitors

Here at Deezel gym we take pride in working to make people the best they can be and prepping them for various body building competitions. Below are a few of our current competitors


Jordan Guerra

Jordan first started training at the age of 18, his first show

Tony Botelho

Tony AKA Tank

Josiff Franko and Jillian Perez 

Josiff and Jillian have been training together for a few years

Angel Rodriguez

I have always liked to lift weights. I have practiced a few different sports throughout my life (soccer, boxing, etc), but, always on the side, I would complement them with weight lifting. At a younger age I was so busy doing sports that I never really had a problem with my weight. I was not the fittest, but I was also not overweight. However, once I started college, working part time, then working full time, the mixture of not being as physically active, an inadequate diet and my metabolism not working the same way as when I was on my teens, made me gain some extra weight and therefore not feeling happy about the way I looked, and also realizing that state was not healthy for me. 

Five years ago I met my mentor, my brother, my boss, my coach (I call him all of those names depending on the day), or more importantly, one of the persons I consider one of my best friends today, someone I know I can count on for anything: Robert Farrow, owner of Farrow Competitive Training. Our goal at the time was to get me down to a healthier weight, with a possible target in a distant future of participating in a Men's Physique show. With a lot of patience, hard work, and following everything Rob suggested I changed my body completely. The first time he did a body assessment to see where we were starting from, I was 185-lbs at 23%-25% body fat, but I remember it only got better from there. After and assessment I would always tell Rob "well, I still suck, but not as bad as last month", but I just kept going knowing that what we were doing was working. 

On December 2018 I competed on my first men's physique show with a stage weight of 198-lbs at 5% body fat, and, as an unexpected prize, I ended up top 5 in my class. Thanks to Rob not only I am way more knowledgeable about weight lifting, dieting, etc. but I also know my body and myself better. I know what I can do mentally and physically, and all because of Rob's wisdom on these topics. I know I would not be in the place I am today without Rob, and for that, I will always be grateful. I could not recommend Rob, and the Farrow Competitive Facility enough to anyone looking for advice on the matter. Whether you want to compete, lose weight, gain muscle or just simply train to relieve some stress and feel better. This is the place for you. 

Alex Frekey

Alex started working out over 14 years ago on a High School and College Basketball teams. It turned into second job where he found himself in a gym daily, which evolved into the sport of bodybuilding. He landed some TV/Movie roles and is a published fitness model. Alex has competed 6 times in the NPC in Men’s Physique, Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding. Most recently working with Robert Farrow for his posing for the 2018 Arnold Classic in Men’s Classic Physique. Alex placed 7th out of 30 competitors. Currently he is the Corporate Sales Director for GAT Sport a nutrition supplementation company.