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About Us
Established in 2015, Deezel Gym began with the idea to be a hard-core gym for its clients in a clean, friendly environment. Deezel provides its members with all of the tools needed to achieve their maximum potential. The gym offers a welcoming and positive atmosphere, where each member not only benefits from the gym itself, but also from the support of the entire Deezel Family. This is the place to be if you want to surround yourself with likeminded people, while getting a kickass workout!

About Rob

For nearly 30 years, Robert Farrow, has been an icon in the bodybuilding/fitness world here in the Valley. He began a competitive bodybuilding career in 1991 with over 19 competitions under his belt. These led to several titles and accolades including: placing 1st in 11 of the 19 competitions; 3 of which he also won the Overall Title. Robert understands the importance that a strong healthy body brings physical, mental and spiritual wellness to his clients. He started personal training in 1992 and has been gaining momentum changing lives for the better since. He has coached and mentored everyone from the person just starting out to the high level IFBB professional. Robert is truly dedicated to his craft by tailoring each program to the individual needs and goals of his clients.

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