How Will You Apply CONSISTENCY in Your Life?

CONSISTENCY = conformity in the application of behaviors in our lives.


Consistency In the Constant= remaining the same over a period of time.


Consistency In Growth= progressive development, evolution.


Being consistent in the constant means that we are stuck in the same place, not moving forward, not making progress, not growing, not learning, and remaining the same achieving very little.


Consistency in the constant is believing talents are a born trait, not ones that can be developed and learned.  Either you got it, or you don’t belief in the ability to excel and achieve. You live life in metaphorical “treading water” type of experience.  Using your resources to stay in the same place. Falsely believing your mental, emotional, and physical abilities are fixed traits.


For a truly fulfilling life experience, we must be dedicated to consistency in growth of all areas in life. Using consistency in growing; you actively dedicate your thinking to the belief that through hard work and dedication you can develop endless talents and abilities.


Find your true best self with the experiences of constant learning and countless achievements that become yours through endless perseverance. This is the life you were born to create not just live!