Deezel Client Success

Here at Deezel gym we take pride in working to make people the best they can be and prepping them for various goals. Below are a few of our many client success stories

Rodger Rowley

This picture is visual evidence of a physical transformation, but what you can’t see is the deeper transformation. Thank you Robert Farrow for creating an environment that encourages progress in every sense. I have a deepened sense of purpose and peace from changes made to my personal philosophies, spiritual, and emotional states. In all the years I have known Robert, I can’t remember ever hearing a single negative word. It’s always positive energy, motivating and inspiring. I also feel supported and encouraged by my follow bodybuilding classmates.

Remember, life is always a competition….and I’m coming for you! Bring it!!

Maigon Lang

"okay,I've been trying to figure out how to say this without getting over emotional." Ha!
I am beyond grateful for you and so pleased Rob selected you to be my personal trainer. I wouldn't be where I'm at without you. You help push me and meet my goals and then some. When Rob mentioned August I was in shock and beyond excited! I honestly can't wait for this competition to show off the satisfaction and improvement that I have been able to accomplish with the help of you and the Deezel Team! Everyone has been so positive and helpful. No one judges or says you can't. You all say you will and can. With time things work out! I want to say thank you to you and the team. I hope to make you all proud come August 6th!!!

Cody Jordan

This is Cody Jordan and his three-month transformation after starting at Deezel Muscle Gym. This will motivate anyone. Reassuring us all change is possible with combining desire, dedication, and direction. Our client Cody Jordan trains with Rae three times a week for one hour. He comes ready and anxious to make changes. Cody eats smart, fueling his body with nutritional food that allows his body to utilize the macronutrients necessary for these changes. Cody is asked about his nutrition on a regular basis. Checking in with us with questions and seeking guidance. Proud to have you as part of the DEEZEL family!!